Graduated in Arts History and Archeology, Isabelle worked for many years in a Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels as responsible of the collections. She took part to the realization of several exhibitions and to the writing of articles of brochures.


Specialized in art and African civilizations, she feels an obvious attraction, for Morocco that revealed itself very early during a trip done with her family when she was 8 years old. This interest in foreign cultures and trips has developed all along her education and schooling. She is interested in all the aspects of a country: culture, art, nature. She is particularly spurred on by one passion: birds.


Omar has known the desert since he was a child. It’s his elder brother who taught him how to decipher the landscape, recognize the prints of the animals and decrypt the slightest element left by each living creature. He is used to organizing caravans, setting up camps, preparing meals.


Yet, this man from the South has succeeded in fitting in the “Red City”, all the twists and turns of which he learns to know. His quality of organization and the care he gives to others make any time spent with him utterly pleasant.


Riad Dar Zampa  85 derb Iminzate, Zaouia Abbassia 40000 Marrakech  +212 (0)5 24 38 65 44  +212 (0) 66 188 05 81

© photo Isabelle, Michel, Robert Six & Béatrice Bonnaire.